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After-school and summer-time programs in topics such as 3D printing and web development for youth grades 1-12


Capacity-building resources and workshops as well as opportunities for class field trips to the DHF Tech Center


Evening and weekend meetups, hackathons, and other hands-on experiences for individuals and families



FabSlam 2015 Recap

  On April 22, 2015 we hosted our FabSlam Showcase and celebrated 6 weeks of 3D printing and digital fabrication with teams from around the state. […]
Stephanie Grimes
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Multicolored 3D Printing with Sharpies

Multicolored 3D Printing with Sharpies Tired of white filament? Want to help your youth personalize their 3D prints without having to swap rolls of filament? We print […]
Shawn Grimes
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MakerFdn Maker 1-600px5

Maker Foundations Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 cohort of Maker Foundations is now in full-swing! This newest group of 54 youth have persevered through the winter weather disruption and have […]
Jonathan Prozzi
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Be A Part of FabSlam 2015

We are excited to announce our 4th cycle of FabSlam this week! We are kicking off FabSlam 2015 today with the announcement of our theme […]
Stephanie Grimes
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Maker Educator: 3D Printing Night Recap

Maker Educator: 3D Printing Night is our most recent offering from DHF’s Center of Excellence with the focus on bringing together educators to learn, create […]
Melissa Huch
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2014 in Review

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Giving Tuesday & The New Year

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And what better way to be jolly than giving back to a cause you are passionate about? This December […]
Iman Cuffie
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3D Printing: Chocolate Molds

During the last few weeks, I've been experimenting using 3D prints to create chocolate molds with mixed success and a lot of delicious failures.  Along the way […]
Shawn Grimes
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