December Family Make Night

Our second Family Make Night was another whopping success!! We had over 80 family members in our space working on LED Snowflakes, 3D printing, and Sumo Wrestling Mini-robots. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake even came to visit!


Olga, DHF’s new board chair, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake learn about 3D Design and Printing

Kelsie& Taylor

A successfully completed circuit!


This project was very personal for me. It combined family making traditions with my new knowledge of circuits and electronics. My Christmas tree has handmade beaded and sewn ornaments from my great-grandmothers, my grandmothers, my mother, and now my light-up LED ornaments!



Using resources and working together!


This Family Make Night was also very reflective of how our Maker Foundations program operates. We provided resources and materials for completing the project, and families had to work together to build their LED Snowflake. We also provided other activities for families that finished early or just needed to take a break from their snowflake. Apply to Spring Maker Foundations here.

Sumo RObots

Sumo Wrestling Robots



If you missed this Family Make Night, you can still make your own LED Snowflake. All of the materials can be found in your local craft store and electronics store. The video and written directions can be found here.

For our next Family Make Night on January 21, we will be learning about and making vinyl designs and stickers. Register here. We look forward to seeing you! Happy holidays!

Amber Grimes