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Family Make Night – Circuit Snowflake

December’s Family Make Night families will learn how to make an LED snowflake ornament! We currently have more than 20 families scheduled to come to the Tech Center today. Parents or Guardians with their children will be coming to the Tech Center from 6:30pm to 8:00pm eager to create their own christmas ornament. We created this short video on how to make your own Circuit Snowflake just in case you were not able to make it today. Below are the materials and steps to create your own.

Step 1: Materials

5 headpins
1 2032 battery
1 magnetic clasp
5-6 inches of conductive wire or thread
7-8 inches of insulated wire with half inch stripped on both ends
hot glue gun
This can be completed entirely by hand but needle-nose pliers may be helpful.


Step 2

Test your LED by placing the longer stem (anode) on the positive side of the battery and the shorter stem (cathode) on the other side. You will want to check your LED every step of the way.

Step 2: Making the Circuit

Spread the stems of the LED by pushing your finger between them. Wrap (do not twist) the shorter, thinner wire around one stem as close to the LED as possible. Wrap (do not twist) the end of the unstripped white insulated wire around the other stem of the LED. Test your connection with the battery. If it doesn’t work, flip the battery over.


Step 3


Step 3: Beading

Fold the white wire so the beads can be strung on both wires at once. Be careful not touch the stripped part of the white wire to the other wire or LED stem. Bead the 5 head pins and fold the tips over so the beads do not fall off. Use your own creativity!




Step 4: Attaching the Magnetic Clasp

Wrap the exposed end of the stripped wire around one half of the clasp. Bend the wire to the length you would like it to hang. Wrap the other wire around the other part of the clasp. This wire may be shortened to fit. Place the battery between the two clasps to check your LED.

Step 5:

Hot glue the other head pins to the back of the LED. Do this with the LED lit. If the light goes out, hot glue is interfering with your connection.

If you want to store you snowflake without the light being lit, you can flip the battery over or put a piece of paper between the battery and clasp. Have fun!

Jean Carlos Cedré