FabSlam – Version 3

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What is FabSlam?

FabSlam is a multi-week, team-based, digital fabrication challenge where youth learn and practice design, iteration, and production skills primarily focused on 3D Design and 3D Printing.

Youth participants learn the basics of digital design and modeling and use industry-based tools and equipment to produce objects from those designs and models. Each team works with a Coach to help guide the team through the challenge and aid in documentation of multiple design iterations throughout the challenge.

FabSlam culminates in a FabSlam Showcase where teams will present their their products to a panel of judges and a public audience for review and feedback.

What is the theme for this FabSlam?

The theme for this FabSlam is “Travel”. You are open to interpret the theme in any creative way that you see fit.

When does it start?

Right now, today! Register your team.

When does it end?

April 24th, 2014 – Student teams will present their project at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD. Teams will showcase their projects to visitors on tables arranged around the room (think science fair style). In addition to the table presentations, each team will be asked to present a 5 minute presentation to the public and a panel of judges.

What makes up a team? How many people can be on a team?

Up to 6 youth + 1 adult coach

What does a team have to have created by the end of the project?

  1. Physical Project – In addition to the final product, bring along prototypes, especially failed ones.
  2. A one page website documenting their project
  3. Slideshow presentation of no longer than 5 minutes to present at the showcase and to judges

What if I don’t know anything about this stuff?

That’s okay. We didn’t either before we started. Here are a number of resources that are easy to use, free, and will get you started in no time:

Design Resources

Documentation Resources

Additional Fabrication Resources

What If I Don’t Have A 3D Printer?

DHF has a number of 3D printers located at the Tech Center and you are welcome to schedule time in our Tech Center to use the printers and test your designs.

Please email us if you need help finding a 3D printer to use: grimes@digitalharbor.org

Can I use more than just a 3D Printer?

Yes, you are encouraged to use as many other resources as you can get access too. Including but not limited to: CNC machines, Laser Cutters, electronics and circuits, etc.

Program Milestones

Here are some suggested milestones for your team to make sure that your team is on track for having their project ready.

FabSlam Team Roles & Responsibilities


On each team, students are the “makers” and bear most of the responsibility for completing the project in time for the FabSlam Showcase event. These responsibilities include:


Each team will have a teacher, in-school sponsor, or community member who works with the team and will be the point of contact for communications with the DHF team. The Coach’s responsibilities include:

FabSlam Sponsors




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