Happenings in the MegaLab

Blog_Youth_Images_3.11.14It’s been a little over a month since we kicked off our second cohort of Maker Foundations Youth and welcomed back our first generation of Tech Center Members to the space. What a busy month it’s been!

Maker Foundations

Our new group of Maker Foundations Youth brought 32 new smiling faces and curious minds to the space. In Maker Foundations, a program based on self paced exploration, youth independently navigate the many tech skill area offerings of the program. The room is constantly buzzing with new and exciting experiences.

Some of the many accomplishments so far have included: custom phone cases for distribution in combination with a school project, a 3D printed bow tie with a blinking LED light thanks to a creative mind and a handy Arduino, and many a custom design thanks to InkScape.

Through all their new learnings and experiences, the youth have been actively adding to and developing their digital portfolios. Couldn’t be more excited to see what everyone accomplishes and creates in the last 5 weeks of the program and beyond.

Focused Programming

Having completed Maker Foundations in Fall of 2013, our first generation of Tech Center Members are paving new roads in our space now a days. Having explored the many tech skill areas we focus on in the space, they are now free to pursue more focused, advanced, and independent learning and projects.

Some of the current projects include: Darius’s full body 3D scanner (featured below), Glory’s building of a Kossel Mini 3D printer, and Sierra’s Digital Juke Box Piano , which is now not only in it’s second version, but also available in a portable version and equipped with it’s own custom 3D printed casing! Many projects in process and soon to come. Stay tuned for updates.








Meaghan Lynch