Tutorial: ArtBot


An ArtBot is a fun little robot that you can make with a few common (and inexpensive) items.  Then you can let your ArtBot loose and have it draw all sorts of fun pictures for you!


What You Will Need:

  1. A foam pool noodle (the kind with a hollow center)
  2. 4 markers
  3. 2 rubber bands
  4. An electric toothbrush (if you look around, you can find the Luminant Electric Toothbrush in Dollar Tree stores for $1 including battery!)
  5. Tape
  6. Scissors
  7. Needle Nose Pliers


  1. VERY IMPORTANT: Take the toothbrush out of the package and put the battery in to make sure the battery works.
  2. Now pull the bottom off of the tooth brush and look inside.
  3. You want to pull out the plastic battery holder with a pair of needle nose pliers being careful not to damage it.
  4. Now tap the top of the toothbrush on the table to shake the motor and battery spring out:
  5. Insert the battery, positive (+) side down into the bottom of the toothbursh (where the switch is)
  6. Slide the plastic battery holder over the battery and onto the base.  Make sure the metal tab goes on top of the metal tab on the base:
  7. Now tape the bottom piece to secure the battery holder in place:
  8. Make sure the battery spring is attached to the motor:
  9. Place the motor with battery spring on top of the battery holder and lock the metal tab into the other metal contact on the motor.  Place the assembled piece on the table and hold the top on with one hand:
  10. Tape the top assembly together to hold everything together:
  11. Test to make sure your assembly works by turning the motor on at the bottom.  If it doesn’t, try to make sure all of the metal contacts are working.
  12. Cut a length of foam pool noodle that will hold the motor assembly.
  13. Place the motor in the pool noodle but make sure the on/off switch is still available.
  14. Attach your 4 markers to the pool noodle with rubber bands.
  15. Remove your marker caps and place it on a piece of paper and turn your motor on.

Shawn Grimes