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DHHS Garden

BICO Officers Name Email
Co-ChairsNicole Veltre-Luton and Desiree Farvebaltimoreico@gmail.com or call 410-357-6242
Vice-Chair & Insurance CoordinatorSkip Clark *All trip reports should be emailed to this address
fjclarkjr@gmail.com & bicotripreports@gmail.com
Treasurer Lindsay Ringgold *All Reimbursement Forms and receipts should be mailed to the treasurer. Please email Lindsay for specifics

Team Leaders Email
Digital Harbor High School Desiree Farve desifar@hotmail.com
Paul's Place Jeff White jjwhite@mde.state.md.us
Southwest Baltimore Charter School Brad Hunter bhunter1037@yahoo.com
Mi Espacio Gina Baez Gina.Baez@baltimorecity.gov

Agency Representative Email
Digital Harbor High School Nicole Veltre-Luton nveltre@bcps.k12.md.us
Mi Espacio Elisa Urtiago

Paul's Place Christan Morley cmorley@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Southwest Baltimore Charter School Brad Hunter bhunter1037@yahoo.com

Description Name Contact Information
Leader Training Coordinator Brad Hunter and Nicole Veltre-Luton baltimoreico@gmail.com
Leader Certification Coordinator Skip Clark bico.certificationcoordinator@gmail.com
CPR Trainer Saleena Devore On The Trail First Aid
Web Site Administrator Nicole Veltre-Luton baltimoreico@gmail.com
Digital Document Archives Tiara Barnes tiarabarnes90@yahoo.com

Digital Harbor High School
c/o Nicole Veltre-Luton
1100 Covington Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Mid Atlantic Representative Jon Wurl jonwurl@yahoo.com

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