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Irvine Nature Center, Owings Mills, MD - May 2012

Irvine-1 Irvine-2 Irvine-3 Irvine-4 Irvine-5 Irvine-6 Irvine-7 Irvine-8 Irvine-9 Irvine-10 Irvine-11 Irvine-12 Irvine-13

The SBCS BICO Club traveled to the Irvine Nature Center on May 26th, 2012 to learn about Raptors. Everyone enjoyed the knowledgeable staff that gave a tour through the grounds explaining all about these birds of prey. Students were even able to get up close to one hawk! The facility has an excellent natural play area where students practiced how to (gently) catch toads.

Student Comments:

  • "I was proud of catching three different toads. At first I didn't want to touch them, but by the end I did!" - Savannah 4th Grade
  • "The trust that the hawk showed to the care giver by coming down and eating is like the trust we show in our group games." - James 4th Grade

Rocks State Park, Jarrettsville, MD - May 2012

Rocks2012-1 Rocks2012-2 Rocks2012-3 Rocks2012-4 Rocks2012-5 Rocks2012-6 Rocks2012-7 Rocks2012-8 Rocks2012-9 Rocks2012-10 Rocks2012-11 Rocks2012-12 Rocks2012-13

On May 5th, 2012 the SBCS BICO Club went to Rocks State Park. The group hiked over 2.5 miles to the spectacular King and Queen's Seat overlook. Along the way the students found a cool spider, a honeycomb, and lots of trees the woodpeckers had been working on. After the hike everyone waded out into Deer Creek for some relaxing fun.

Student Comments:

  • "I was really proud of climbing the King and Queen rocks because I got over my fear of climbing rocks." - Marcus 5th Grade
  • "I saw a lot of wetlands and that connects to what I am learning in class." - Ahkya 5th Grade
  • "In the water I was really proud that I was actually able to walk on those hard rocks and that I didn't get scared of what I was standing on." - Vernon 5th Grade

Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, MD - March 2012

DruidHillParkMD-1 DruidHillParkMD-2 DruidHillParkMD-3 DruidHillParkMD-4 DruidHillParkMD-5 DruidHillParkMD-6 DruidHillParkMD-7 DruidHillParkMD-8 DruidHillParkMD-9 DruidHillParkMD-10 DruidHillParkMD-11 DruidHillParkMD-12 DruidHillParkMD-13 DruidHillParkMD-14

On March 10th the SBCS BICO Club went to the Maryland Zoo and played 18 holes of Disc Golf at Druid Hill Park. At the zoo the group investigated what it means for an animal to be "endangered" and how humans can unintentional negatively impact animals. In the afternoon everyone played Disc Golf, a first for all but one participant. It was a terrific way to spend a Saturday.

Student Comments:

  • "Nature has its own flow, like a poem." - Kevin 4th Grade
  • "I can become warmer by wearing more layers." - Trevon 5th Grade
  • "Endangered means that there are not many of them left. You can help be donating money to them." - Jordan 5th Grade

Patapsco Valley State Park, Catonsville, MD - January 2012

PVSP2012-1 PVSP2012-2 PVSP2012-3 PVSP2012-4 PVSP2012-5 PVSP2012-6 PVSP2012-7 PVSP2012-8 PVSP2012-9 PVSP2012-10 PVSP2012-12 PVSP2012-13

On January 14th, 2012 the SBCS BICO Club ventured out on a 28 degree day to Patapsco State Park. The trip gave youth the chance to explore nature in winter, such as finding icicles everywhere! It also provided a "real" opportunity to learn how to stay warm when outdoors. Participants learned about warming up through movement (hiking/scavenger hunt), trapping heat by layering, the importance of staying dry, and how to build a fire. Everyone spend lunch huddled around the fire as we made hot dogs, grilled cheese and hot chocolate.

Student Comments:

  • "The stuff we did with food and drinks and the fire really warmed me up. It was fun." - Lee 5th Grade
  • "I never made a grilled cheese over a fire in the woods before. I felt good to do that." - Kristen 6th Grade
  • "You cannot use green wood to make a fire, it won't burn." - Shanya 5th Grade

Wyman Park & Johns Hopkins Gym, Baltimore, MD - December 2011

JHU2012-1 JHU2012-2 JHU2012-3 JHU2012-4 JHU2012-5 JHU2012-6 JHU2012-7 JHU2012-8 JHU2012-9 JHU2012-10 JHU2012-11

The SBCS BICO Club traveled to Wyman Park on December 3rd, 2011 to partake in some team building activities. All the participants worked through a series of challenges in which they had to rely on each other to succeed. In the afternoon the group walked to JHU Gym where they met the JHU Outdoor Club. None of the students had ever been climbing before! It also gave the club a chance to see a glimpse of what college is like.

Student Comments:

  • Rock climbing was a new experience and it made me feel so great, I love having a big smile on my face." - Diamond 5th Grade
  • "I want to climb the wall that the leaders said you have to be Spiderman to climb. I would need help on that wall." Marcus - 5th Grade
  • "We were all working together; different colors, ages, and sizes." - Vernon 5th Grade

Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian, MD - October 2011

JugBay-1 JugBay-2 JugBay-3 JugBay-4 JugBay-5 JugBay-6 JugBay-7 JugBay-8 JugBay-9 JugBay-10 JugBay-11 JugBay-12 JugBay-13 JugBay-14

On October 8th SBCS students went on a B.I.C.O. trip to the Jug Bay Wetlands. We kayaked and canoed through the wetlands and saw over a dozen turtles! You have to look closely to see them because from a distance they just look like bumps on a log. Later we hiked along the wetlands and saw a wide variety of amphibians, birds, and even some reptiles! This trip allowed us to see first hand how important wetlands are to wildlife and protecting the water.

Student Comments:

  • “Kayaking was the best because we were on the water and we saw turtles. This experience made me feel happy and relaxed. – Lee 5th Grade
  • “Kayaking was new, it made me feel happy and cool.” – Vernon 5th Grade
  • “Last year I learned about photosynthesis and on the BICO trip I saw a lot of (plants that use) photosynthesis. – Jahiem 5th Grade

Advocacy Trip to Washington D.C. - September 2011
WashingtonDC-1 WashingtonDC-2 WashingtonDC-3 WashingtonDC-4 WashingtonDC-5 WashingtonDC-6 WashingtonDC-7 WashingtonDC-8 WashingtonDC-9 WashingtonDC-10 WashingtonDC-11 WashingtonDC-12 WashingtonDC-13 WashingtonDC-14

The DHHS and SBCS BICO groups went on a joint trip to Washington, D.C. on September 20, 2011 to be a part of the advocacy efforts during Great Outdoors America Week. On the trip participants heard speakers at the Department of the Interior. They met with Sierra Club staff. The afternoon was spent distributing letters of support for increased funding for outdoor projects for youth. At the end of the day we got to speak with a representative for Barbara Mikulski about how important it is for youth to have access and opportunities to get outdoors.

Wind Power Downtown, Baltimore, MD - July 2011

WindpowerDowntown-1 WindpowerDowntown-2 WindpowerDowntown-3 WindpowerDowntown-4 WindpowerDowntown-5 WindpowerDowntown-6 WindpowerDowntown-7 WindpowerDowntown-8 WindpowerDowntown-9 WindpowerDowntown-10 WindpowerDowntown-11

On July 30th the BICO club investigated wind power. We went to Ft. McHenry where we flew kites and learned about the fort’s role in the War of 1812. In the afternoon we went sailing. We worked the rigging and steered the boat to Harbor East, Fell’s Point, Locust Point, and the Inner Harbor. The group decided that wind power is great because it is free, it’s endless, it’s everywhere, and it does not pollute. Unfortunately, as we learned through our activities, it is not a continuous source of power.

Student Comments:

  • “I saw most of the boats were eco-friendly sailboats, cool.” – Joseph 5th Grade
  • “Sailing is a new experience for me, it was the best first experience I ever had.” – Justin 8th Grade
  • ”I learned that wind power is a powerful source (of energy).” – James 7th Grader

Summer Camping at Patapsco Valley State Park, Catonsville, MD - July 2011

SummerCampingPVSP-1 SummerCampingPVSP-2 SummerCampingPVSP-3 SummerCampingPVSP-4 SummerCampingPVSP-5 SummerCampingPVSP-6 SummerCampingPVSP-7 SummerCampingPVSP-8 SummerCampingPVSP-9 SummerCampingPVSP-10 SummerCampingPVSP-11

On July 9th and 10th SBCS students went on a B.I.C.O. camping trip to the Leonard Campsite at Patapsco Valley State Park. We hiked over 3 miles, got to cool our feet off in a waterfall, discovered several unusual bugs, prepped and cooked all our own food, set-up tents, made a campfire, learned about Leave No Trace camping, went stargazing, and fished in the Patapsco River. It was a weekend packed full of fun and adventure.

Student Comments:

  • “I went fishing for the first time ever!” – Artaz 5th Grade
  • “I had so much fun with B.I.C.O. and I really enjoy myself.” – Shanya 5th Grade
  • “I learned that making a campfire and collecting wood can contribute to deforestation. “ Joseph 5th Grade

Mattawoman Creek, Indian Head, MD - June 2011

MattawomanCreek-1 MattawomanCreek-2 MattawomanCreek-3 MattawomanCreek-4 MattawomanCreek-5 MattawomanCreek-6 MattawomanCreek-7 MattawomanCreek-8 MattawomanCreek-9 MattawomanCreek-10 MattawomanCreek-11 MattawomanCreek-12 MattawomanCreek-13 MattawomanCreek-14 MattawomanCreek-15

On June 11th SBCS students went on a B.I.C.O. trip to the Mattawoman Creek. This body of water is the last unspoiled tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. We paddled kayaks for hours exploring this pristine wilderness. We saw several blue heron, a black snack, and a giant beaver dam! There was a demonstration that illustrated how the way we treat the environment far away from the water still affects the water quality. It was a challenging and fun experience for all!

Student Comments:

  • "I can’t wait to tell my parents about what we did today.” – Rachel 6th Grade
  • "I was really proud of myself by trusting myself that I can do it.” – Shanya 5th Grade
  • "(While kayaking today) I raced a dragon fly and won!” – Lee 4th Grade

Rocks State Park, Jarrettsville, MD - May 2011

RocksStatePark-1 RocksStatePark-2 RocksStatePark-3 RocksStatePark-4 RocksStatePark-5 RocksStatePark-6 RocksStatePark-7 RocksStatePark-8 RocksStatePark-9 RocksStatePark-10 RocksStatePark-11 RocksStatePark-12 RocksStatePark-13 RocksStatePark-14 RocksStatePark-15 RocksStatePark-16

On May 7th SBCS 5th graders went on a B.I.C.O. trip to Rocks State Park. We hiked the 2.2 miles on the White Trail which culminated in the King & Queen’s Seat a 190 foot rock outcropping. This rock structure overlooks the whole valley and was where Native Americans held important ceremonies. We also explored Deer Creek, practiced some yoga in the park, and saw lots of wildlife such as deer, toads, and chipmunks. It was a fantastic adventure.

Student Comments:

  • “Today was the first day in my life I actually walked 2 miles.” – Keiona 5th Grade
  • “I’m proud of today because everybody participated even me (and) I never do things like this. I enjoy(ed) it.” – Shareef 5th Grade
  • . “For the first time I got to see a yellow toad with a green dot on its back, it was amazing.” – Artaz 5th Grade

SBCS Patapsco Valley State Park, Elkridge, MD - April 2011

PatapscoValley-1 PatapscoValley-2 PatapscoValley-3 PatapscoValley-4 PatapscoValley-5 PatapscoValley-6 PatapscoValley-7 PatapscoValley-8 PatapscoValley-9 PatapscoValley-10 PatapscoValley-11 PatapscoValley-12 PatapscoValley-13 PatapscoValley-14 PatapscoValley-15 PatapscoValley-16

On April 9th SBCS 5th graders went on a B.I.C.O. trip to Patapsco Valley State Park. We hiked the 2.2 miles on the Cascade Falls Trail and got to explore a waterfall. During our hike we found a diverse collection of rocks including Mica, Quartz, and Granite. In the afternoon we traveled 1.1 miles to Buzzard’s Rock where we could look out and see large hills, the river and thousands of trees. It was a memorable trip.

Student Comments:

  • ”I would like to go on a BICO trip again because it was fun and I want to do this again to build community and learn new things.” - David 5th Grade
  • “A new experience for me today was climbing the high mountain and I’m scared of heights so it was a big step for me.” – Bre’ahna 5th Grade
  • “The best part today was that the trip was exciting and it made me feel wonderful and it was special cause (of) the bridge and waterfall.” – Tanasia 5th Grade

SBCS Great Falls, McLean, VA - March 2011

GreatFalls2011-1 GreatFalls2011-2 GreatFalls2011-3 GreatFalls2011-4 GreatFalls2011-5 GreatFalls2011-6 GreatFalls2011-7 GreatFalls2011-8 GreatFalls2011-9 GreatFalls2011-10 GreatFalls2011-11 GreatFalls2011-12 GreatFalls2011-13 GreatFalls2011-14 GreatFalls2011-15

On March 5th a dozen SBCS 5th graders went on the first Baltimore Inner City Outings trip (B.I.C.O.) to Great Falls National Park, VA. The day was spent hiking along the Potomac River, discovering rocks that were hundreds of thousands of years old, watching kayaks go through rapids, and learning about tributaries and flood planes. It was an amazing trip.

Student Comments:

  • “I was really proud when we got to experience how nature works. I was proud of this because learned how
   to treat it.” – Dijiaih 5th Grade
  • “I saw mountains (and) big rocks, I learned that some rock were there before all of us were born. -
   Nichae 5th Grade
  • “The first thing I ever experience was being able to be touching and feeling things I never even knew (about) before.” – Keshawnia 5th Grade



Student Comments:

  • "This was the best time ever!" - Triwane
  • "Fun in the water!" - Maggie

CGCC Great Falls - July 2009

CollegeGardens1 CollegeGardens2 CollegeGardens3 CollegeGardens4 CollegeGardens5 CollegeGardens6

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DHHS Patterson Park 2006

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CGCC May 2009 NCR Trail (Biking) Outing

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CGCC April 2009 Baltimore Zoo Outing

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CGCC 2006 Outings - Oregon Ridge

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