Highlights From the Make & Remake Hackathon

The Tech Center had the exciting opportunity to be a Mozilla Maker Party 2014 Partner this summer, and on Friday August 22 we hosted a Make and Remake Hackathon for our Members! We decided on the theme because open sharing and remixing is such a central component of the Webmaker initiative. The event was designed to be a fun and unique challenge for the participants.


Given that openness and creativity were the primary focus, the only requirement for the participants was that they would use Mozilla’s Webmaker Tools to create a project which would then be shared to the group and remixed by another attending participant. The tools allowed for a variety of projects such as interactive video with Popcorn Maker, quick and fun web design with Thimble, and mobile app development with Appmaker. Additionally, a fun resource tool named X-Ray Goggles allowed for users to inspect web source code and remix it with a quick click!


After some instruction on the tools and an overview of the Make & Remake theme, our youth eagerly jumped into the development process. Multiple projects were created in the morning session, and the youth were encouraged to select peer projects to remix even before the afternoon ‘Remake’ phase.


We tweeted and shared to Mozilla throughout the Hackathon and Mozilla was extremely pleased with the content that our youth developed! The youth enjoyed the open sharing aspect of the Hackathon, and the idea of remixing the work of their peers seemed to resonate well.


Amber’s Introduction to Soldering was also a huge success! Throughout the Hackathon, groups of three youth split off to learn to solder. Amber provided an excellent workshop with content that is crucial for youth eager to develop their interests in electronics and soldering.

Our youth greatly enjoyed the day and the Make & Remake Hackathon was definitely a success! The attendees tagged their makes and remakes with “DHF-Make-Remake-Hackathon” so that their work would be easily searchable on the Mozilla Webmaker site. This was a fun day filled with great opportunities to MAKE with Mozilla’s tools, and the participants experimented with aspects of web design that they may not have otherwise attempted.

Here is the link to the collection of youth makes and remakes shared throughout the day:

DHF Make & Remake Hackathon!







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Family Make Night :: Digital Postcards!

Looking for some family fun? Enjoy working on projects together with your family? Join us for our monthly Family Make Night! For September Family Make Night, we will be creating digital postcards of our summer vacations!

Using a digital multimedia tool called Popcorn, each family will make a digital postcard including videos, photos, and audio to highlight the best parts of their summer vacation. Bring along your own photos and videos from summer to make a completely custom postcard to share with your family and friends. Or, if you prefer, we have put together a small collection of videos and photos of local attractions that you can use for your postcard.

While Family Make Night is created for people of all ages, this activity may be more difficult for younger participants, but they can definitely contribute their ideas as one of the teens or adults works the computer. Basic computer skills will do the trick for using this tool! 

This month, we are excited to host Family Make Night as a Mozilla Maker Party event! We’re excited to be partnering with Mozilla to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Maker Party. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic Internet users of all ages and skill levels.

September Family Make Night will be held Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:30pm at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center. Family Make Night is FREE to participate, but we do ask that each family (up to 6 people) register ahead of time. More details are available on the Registration page below.

Register Here: www.familymakenight.com

We hope to see you there!

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Make & Remake Hackathon

As a Mozilla Maker Party 2014 Partner, we are excited to be hosting a Make & Remake Hackathon for our Tech Center Members on Friday August 22! Designed to be a fun and engaging event for our Tech Center Members after a summer of hard work on their Star Spangled Summer projects, the Hackathon will be a great end-cap to our summer here at the Tech Center.


The Make and Remake Hackathon is an exciting opportunity to use Mozilla’s Webmaker Tools to MAKE something awesome – a web page, an app, or an interactive video! But, that’s not all! A unique challenge to this Hackathon is to turn your completed project over to a friend so they can then REMAKE your project to create something new!

Participants will work in the morning session to create a digital project using the Webmaker tools. In the afternoon session, everyone will swap projects with someone else to remix and remake the project into something new!

This Hackathon is sure to be fun for everyone and the perfect opportunity to learn something new with some easy to use digital tools!



As an added bonus to this all day Hackathon event, Amber will be leading her Intro to Soldering Workshop throughout the day. For Members who are interested in learning to solder or pursuing electronics projects in the future, this workshop is a MUST-DO!


Join us for the Introduction to Soldering workshop and make your very own blinky robot wearable! This workshop will introduce you to the basics of using a soldering iron, through-hole joints on a printed circuit board, and potential troubleshooting. After completing this workshop, you will have soldered your very own blinky robot wearable. This workshop also covers many of the requirements for the Soldering Badge that can be earned with a little extra work after completing this workshop.


Sign Up Today!

Members – we will need a count of who is planning to attend! To sign up for Friday’s awesome events – the Make & Remake Hackathon and/or the Introduction to Soldering workshop – please visit the Eventbrite page and follow the steps to register there: http://goo.gl/1XeuuO

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Meet our AmeriCorps Maker VISTAs

profile-iman 1

Iman Cuffie – Maker Ed Development & Communications Specialist VISTA

Hey there! My name is Iman and I graduated from Western High School in 2014 and now attend the University of Baltimore for Visual Communications.  I’m on the Board of Directors for the Youth Dreamers, a 501C3 non-profit focused on providing the youth of Baltimore with opportunities and resources to better themselves and become positively involved in their community and gain important life skills.  Previous to this position, I taught art at a local youth summer camp.

I first became involved with Digital Harbor Foundation through my participation in FabSlam, a 3D design/printing competition held at the Tech Center. As the Development and Communications Specialist under Maker Ed,  it’s my job to raise funds for the center through constructive fundraising activities and the use of social media. I’m ecstatic to be working at DHF because the organization prides itself on moving youth forward in the world and being able to provide a sort of haven where youth can express themselves and learn something new, something I’ve always been passionate about.

profile-melissa 2

Melissa Huch – Maker Ed Expansion Coordinator VISTA

My name is Melissa Huch, I recently earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Frostburg State University. My major was Liberal Studies, where I focused primarily in Kinesiology and in Athletic Coaching. In college I was involved in three organizations, Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Alpha Pi, and the Pre-Med Society.

I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and proud to be part of the AmeriCorps Vista and Maker Ed family, here at Digital Harbor Foundation. I chose to be a VISTA because I believe they can give me the resources I need to succeed not only in my community but professionally.  My role as Expansion Coordinator will focus on capacity building for the Center of Excellence and throughout this year I hope to make the Center of Excellence accessible to anyone who wants to discover a new outlook on teaching. I also hope in a year to be able to increase the number of STEM educators which in return will strengthen STEM education for Baltimore City students.

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Star Spangled Summer Showcase Preview

The Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center MegaLab has been brimming with excitement this summer as Tech Center Members shared the space with the Maker Camp participants. As August is upon us, we’re pleased to announce that the Star Spangled Summer Showcase is approaching! Make sure to join us at the Tech Center on Wednesday August 20 from 6:30 to 8:30 to share in the amazing summer projects our Members have completed. Without giving too much away, here is a preview of some of their exciting ventures!

Tony has been researching Fort McHenry with the intent of creating it in Minecraft. He is excitedly planning the geometry and architecture of the space and is enjoying rendering it in his server.

John‘s project also involves mapping Fort McHenry. He is recreating it in Tinkercad and then 3d printing several pieces, which will be assembled to create the iconic structure.

Nick W. has been doing his own sort of research as he is making a Fort McHenry/Star Spangled trivia game in Javascript.

Aidan is putting his animation and video skills to the test as he is crafting a special secret introduction for the Showcase.

Ben is furthering his experiments with the Raspberry Pi, and is working on a prototype of voice activated glasses with custom designed, 3d printed frames.


Our summer youth employees, Sierra, Darius, and Markeese, have an exciting game that they’ve been eagerly planning and making throughout the summer. The details have been tightly guarded as they’re building anticipation before the big reveal on the 20th.

Bella is thrilled to be presenting a final version of Monkey Mayhem, hot off the shelves of the iPhone App Store! She’s diligently made adjustments and tweaked the code to bring it to this level and has been working on details and polish.


After presenting his “World Traveler” game at the Spring Showcase, Nick F. started learning the Corona SDK and will be showing the introductory stage of his new game, “Fuse.”

Nick C., another Digital Harbor Foundation summer employee, has spent the last month analyzing the Tech Center to the smallest detail and rendering it in a virtual world for an exciting interactive tour game!

Amiri is expanding on his interests in sound related technology, and is assembling a Drawdio musical pencil. Those attending the Showcase will be able to experiment with musical doodles!

Samuel is reprising his Iron Man Operation game and adding some new features! He’s updating cosmetic features and adding secret tweaks that will no doubt bring back great (and frustrating) memories of the classic game.

Interactive tech is a consistent project theme, as Glory is creating a photo booth with an awesome spin- it’s powered by high fives!

Sam is interested in bringing some “fireworks” to the space, and is creating a confetti cannon that will launch red, white, and blue confetti.

Biren is working on “Card Magnet,” a box that plays a song when someone drops in their business card. With this idea, Biren aims to provide a card drop for Digital Harbor Foundation that has a unique, tech spin.


Many of the youth projects share a gaming theme and we know that the Summer Showcase will be action packed and an exciting conclusion to the summer. If you’re interested in attending, please feel free to tell your friends and RSVP at the Meetup.com link below!

Star Spangled Summer Youth Showcase

Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014, 6:30 PM

Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center
1045 Light Street Baltimore, MD

80 Makers Went

Come celebrate the amazing work of youth in programs at the Digital Harbor Foundation’s Tech Center!This summer our youth have been hard at work on some more amazing projects! Some of them have been working to create projects based on the theme surrounding Baltimore’s Star Spangled Summer in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of our National Ant…

Check out this Meetup →


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50 for 50 — Benefit Birthday

km-bday-3A few weeks ago a friend of the Digital Harbor Foundation gave us a birthday gift for his birthday. Ken Malone, whose whole family has been a great advocate for the DHF Tech Center and our programs, turned 50. In the place of letting any one of his many friends give him any gifts though, he organized a benefit birthday celebration up at Betamore, encouraging folks:

km-bday-logoJoin us for heavy appetizers and drinks to support one of his favorite non-profits, Digital Harbor Foundation, where they are creating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

and added:

Absolutely no presents! However, your donation to Digital Harbor Foundation is greatly appreciated. Stick with the theme of $50 for 50 years or make a custom donation.

Folks were MORE than generous and in total donated nearly $1,500 to support youth and programs here at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center!

Thank you Ken, family, and friends!! We really appreciate it!




Educators Learn 3D Printing for the Classroom through Workshop by the Digital Harbor Foundation


Area educators gather for four day intensive instruction and hands-on experience with 3D Printing

Baltimore, Md. (August 12, 2014)—This week, the Digital Harbor Foundation welcomes more than a dozen educators from the Greater Baltimore region for a four-day intensive workshop on 3D Printing for the classroom. A direct result a new initiative launched by the Digital Harbor Foundation at the White House Maker Faire in June, the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education is focused on building the capacity of other organizations to create innovative technology education opportunities.

The workshop “3D Printing for Educators” was designed specifically with technology instructors in mind (but open to all educators) and provides training on skills necessary to bring 3D printing into instructional practice. In addition to hands-on learning experiences led by DHF staff, attendees will walk away with an Instructor’s Guide to 3D Printing Hardware/Software Resources, 12-months of access to DHF’s online 3D Printing Resource Portal, and a 3D Printer for those who selected the full package deal.

Participants come from multiple schools in the region, including the Green Street Academy, Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, and The Bryn Mawr School, as well as informal learning spaces such as The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the Y of Central Maryland.

“The purpose of our Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education is essentially to ‘make the makers’. This workshop will help local organizations to integrate leading-edge technology into their curriculum and programs,” says Andrew Coy, Executive Director. “We want Baltimore area organizations to benefit from our work at the Digital Harbor Foundation, to see us as a resource and community hub for those interested in building their own technical capacity. We are committed to helping grow Baltimore’s tech workforce pipeline!”

This and other programs at the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education are created through the generous support of organizations such as the Maker Education Initiative, the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, the Abell Foundation, the France-Merrick Foundation, Northrop Grumman Corporation and other grant-making organizations and individuals.


Maker Corps + Maker Camp = Summer Fun

Our Maker Corps & Maker Camp experiences here at Digital Harbor Foundation have been great, and we are very excited about what our campers have done so far! We have completed 2 two-week sessions of camp, one focused on 3D Printing and the other focused on Electronics, and we have one more session to go. We’ve had a great time working together as Maker Corps Members and getting to know each of the campers we’ve met.


Courtney & campers working on a Squishy Circuit Christmas Tree


Jon helping a camper with his 3D design

Session One, “3D Printing: Bring Your Designs to Life“, started off a little rocky, because it was our first session of the summer and our wi-fi was broken at the Tech Center; however, it ended well and the kids ended up with awesome projects to share at the end of their two weeks with us. The campers learned the basics of 3D design and 3D printing. They were introduced to Tinkercad, which is an easy to learn online tool that’s used for 3D design. Then, they were set free to explore on their own and begin brainstorming for their independent projects. We had everything from money clips to Pokémon characters, and board games to model houses. The campers did an awesome job and they were thrilled to share their 3D creations with their family, friends, and the community at our showcase. You can read more about our first session of camp in this post: Maker Camp Session One was a Success.


Darius (our resident 3D printing expert) (center) teaching Adelie & Jon more about the Printrbot Simple 3D printer he built


Keimmie giving feedback to campers on their 3D designs

Session Two, “Electronics: Make Your Own Gadgets with Circuits“, was very different, and we were excited to dive into something new. We started camp by introducing them to Squishy Circuits, Snap Circuits, Arduinos, soldering, and much more. At times they seemed a little overwhelmed by all of the information, but they were enthusiastic about learning so many new things. Before they dove into their independent projects, we had them work on LED t-shirts and bubble machines, which didn’t work out as well as we planned, but the kids were able to learn from their mistakes and move past it. The kids were so excited to jump into their independent projects, and they had awesome ideas. We had a lot of different projects such as LED light up shoes, light up hoodies, and a high-five photo booth made with MaKey MaKey. All of their projects turned out great! You can read more about our second session of camp in this post: Lights Out! Electronics Camp is a Wrap.


Adelie working with a camper to help him solder his circuit board


Keimmie working with campers to assemble their LED name tags

Keimmie teaching Courtney to solder, working together on a project

Keimmie teaching Courtney to solder, working together on a project

Now we are two thirds of the way through the summer, and we only have one more session to go! Our second 3D Printing session is already underway, and we are looking forward to working with more youth, teaching more 3D printing, and helping create more awesome projects!

If you would like to keep up with what we are doing for the rest of the summer, you can follow our blog at www.digitalharbor.org/blog/.

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Lights Out! Electronics Maker Camp is a Wrap

During week one of Electronics Camp, the campers learned all about the various electronic opportunities provided for them in our maker space. Some of these activities included learning the basics of an Arduino as well as, Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, soldering, wearables, circuits and breadboards.


We ended the week by making cool light up shirts using LEDs and soldering.

Pasted Graphic 1

The second week was all about independent creativity as students were encouraged to figure out and create their own electronics related projects. While the students still had directed projects such as the eye catcher which used a motor to spin a disk, some students used the eye catcher to make spin art. It was very interesting how such a basic project could produce so many different results.

Many students decided make wearables which was great as they were able to show of rad LED shoes, shirts, hats and about anything else you could attach an LED strip too. There were also a fair bit of campers doing other wonderful things such as designing their own plush video game controllers, 3D printed robot, circuit bent keyboards, and musical oscillators.




The camp was a great success as all the campers learned a lot about electronics and had a blast doing it! Check out all the cool results for yourself on the campers’ blog posts here: DHF Electronics Camp on Tackk

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