Center of Excellence

Launched in 2014, the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education is an initiative of the Digital Harbor Foundation. Designed as a technical assistance and training arm, the Center of Excellence is focused on building the capacity of other organizations to replication Digital Harbor Foundation’s innovative maker programs.


Interested in the Maker Movements but don’t know how to get started?

Workshops for Educators


Classroom Makerspace

A multi-day workshop leading educators through the Maker Movement and specifically designed for anyone with the imagination to start making with youth wherever they are!
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3D Printing for Educators

3D Printing for Educators

A 4-day workshop teaching everything one needs to know in order to 3D print in their learning space. Designed our curriculum with technology instructors in mind, but open to all educators, this training teaches enough of the hardware and software for one to start their own digital fabrication revolution.
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