Center of Excellence

We have created the Digital Harbor Foundation Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education as a technical assistance and training arm founded to expand opportunities in digital-age technology education by building the capacity of other organizations to replicate Digital Harbor Foundation’s innovative maker programs. The goal of the Center is to align K-12 technology education with the needs of a growing tech economy.


Are you interested in 3D printing but don’t know how to get started?


3D Printing for Educators

Our 4-day workshop teaches you everything you need to know in order to 3D print in your learning space. We’ve designed our curriculum with technology instructors in mind, but have opened it to all educators. By the end of this training you’ll know enough of the hardware and software to start your own maker revolution at your organization.


Our 4-day workshop includes all of the following:

This workshop is intended for all of the following:

Workshop Details:

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