Summer Maker Camp

Join us this summer at Maker Camp and learn about 3D Printing, Electronics and Circuits, and more!
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Now Hiring: Maker Corps Members

Join us for our summer Maker Camp as a Maker Corps staff member and get paid for helping youth learn about making!

Support Scholarships for Maker Camp

Support youth this summer and contribute to our maker camp scholarship fund.

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Making and Learning :: A Hands-On Curriculum

We love to make things. We garden, code, keep bees, sew, weave, build circuits, design websites, and smith metal.  We see the opportunity to create a curriculum that centers around that experience, focusing on the engagement and energy that surrounds the active experience of making. To make things, you need skills:  measurement, math, and ratios; […]


Rec2Tech Center Community :: A Call for Volunteers

As we prepare for the fall opening of the Rec2Tech Center, one of the most important things we need to get in place isn’t a thing at all — it’s people.  We need volunteers, knowledgeable people to come in and share their skills and passions with students and community members. From simply helping us clean […]


Meeting Innovators Where They Are

One of the big challenges always facing the teacher is in meeting students where they are rather than expecting them to automatically see the relevance in whatever last night’s homework was about. And it’s the same thing with innovators. We should not expect innovators to fit into a mold. There is no “next Steve Jobs”; […]


What are people saying?

What DHF does is so profoundly valuable. They teach kids the essential digital skills today’s job market demands, and they do it in an unstructured environment much more like the real world than the structured environment of a traditional school.”


As a former Baltimore City teacher, I can attest to how important it is for our kids to have a safe after-school environment with enriching and challenging activities that will spark their imaginations and perhaps even inspire a future career. The Digital Harbor Foundation is a wonderful resource for Baltimore City students and communities.”


The work at DHF focuses on one of the core principals of design – how to think iteratively – how to take what you know and explore the unknown, how to make measured mistakes and learn, how to see the patterns when a process break down and then improve the approach.”


I have been nothing short of amazed with the work DHF is doing. I spend my days hiring and working with developers and met an 11 year old who was more proficient in iOS than some of my devs. DHF has a real gift with identifying talent and helping them flourish.”


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