Steph Grimes


Director of Curriculum

Role: As a former classroom educator and after-school program founder, Steph oversees all our curricular creations for the Tech Center and our STEM Core curriculum. She works closely with our Director of Technology and Director of Programs to design the lessons we use each day in our space, as well as the lessons for each of our STEM Core modules. It is Steph’s job to produce innovative, project-based, and accessible content for our curricula that focuses on preparing youth for the careers of tomorrow.

Biography: Steph has been working in education for over 15 years in many different capacities. A former Early Childhood Educator, Steph left the classroom to become the Owner and Creative Director for Campfire Apps – a mobile game and app development company that she started with her husband Shawn. In an effort to encourage young women to become more interested in technology and app development, Steph co-founded APPlied Club – an after-school app development club for high school students – where she taught business and design topics related to app development.

Steph has always been passionate about working with youth and now, more than ever, she is passionate about giving youth the tools and skills they need to grow into successful, productive members of our community.

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