Maker Educator: 3D Printing Night Recap


Maker Educator: 3D Printing Night is our most recent offering from DHF’s Center of Excellence with the focus on bringing together educators to learn, create and, inspire each other.

The Maker Educator Meetup is designed to focus on three key components: review of new technology tools, hands-on learning techniques to apply the covered materials, and networking among educators to share ideas and experiences. We will meet quarterly to explore the latest technologies in the field and discuss practical applications to bring back to the classroom.


Our first meeting was held in December 2014 and the night was chock full of insightful tips shared by Shawn and Stephanie Grimes. We started the night with a quick presentation about 3D Scanning technology and reviewed different types of 3D Scanning tools to help users decide which tools worked best for them. Then, we jumped right into demonstrations on how to use the scanning tools and we loved seeing participants so eager to engage with the 3D printers and scanners. Participants not only walked away with new resources and connections, but some participants also had 3D printed busts made. To see other photos from the Meetup visit our Flickr page here: Maker Educator: 3D Night.

If you weren’t able to make it to our first meeting, but would like to learn more about the materials covered, you can read Shawn’s review of 3D Scanners here: 3D Scanners: A Quick Review.


Thank you to all those who attended our first gathering, we can’t wait to see how the group grows and develops! The next Maker Educator Meetup will be March 25, 2015 and you can signup here: Maker Educators: 3D Night.

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