How long does a roll of 3D printer filament last?

“How long does a roll of 3D printer filament last?” I get asked this question a lot and people are unsatisfied when you say “it depends.” So I decided to use the information we’ve been tracking on the models our youth are printing and get a better idea of how far a roll of filament will go.

Filament generally comes in 1kg rolls. This might seem counter intuitive since it’s a weight of filament and not a specific length of filament.

200 Keychains:
As part of our field trip experience, youth get to create a custom keychain that we print for them while they are here. The keychains are roughly 80mm x 20mm x 5mm and weigh on average, 5 grams (based on 108 keychains). One roll of filament will print approximately 200 keychains.
Solomon Keychain

98 iPhone 5 Cases:
Who doesn’t love a good iphone case. It’s one of the first things our youth want to design and print. The iPhone 5 case is roughly 128mm x 62mm x 9.3mm and weighs 10.2 grams. One roll of filament should print approximately 98 phone cases.
iPhone 5 Case

103 Chess Pieces:
Chess pieces are also really popular as a first design. This DHF chess piece is roughly 19.5mm x 4.4mm x 73mm and weighs 9.7 grams. One roll of filament should print approximately 103 of these chess pieces.
3D Printed Chess Piece

358 Chocolate Molds:
I recently did some testing creating chocolate molds using our 3D printers. These molds measure about 96.7mm x 42mm x 10mm and weigh in at 2.79 grams. With these dimensions, we should be able to print 358 chocolate molds per roll of filament.
3D Printed Chocolate Mold

30 Nate Figures:
During our 3D for Educators workshop, we did some 3D scanning of the attendees and this was one of the results. Nate’s figure measures 55mm x 49mm x 52mm and weighs approximately 32.5 grams. This means, we could print 30 Nate figures to hide all over the Tech Center.
Nate Figurine

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