Local Educators Learn to 3D Print


Our 3D Printing for Educators Workshop in March was such a success, thank you for all who participated. The 3D Printing for Educators workshop is a multi-day training course, where educators are given the resources, tools, and hands-on training of 3D Design & Printing to bring back to their learning space.


At this workshop we had our first round of Perpetual Innovation Fund participants (10 educators total) and first ever 3D Assistance (Adam, Amiri, Darius, & Samuel) to help assist the workshop. Shawn and Steph Grimes, who facilitated the workshop, knocked it out of the ballpark, both giving excellent advice about working with youth to ensure excitement for designing and printing.


We started with introductions, then quickly dove right into unboxing everyone’s Printrbot Simple 3D Printers. All our workshops come with a starter kit to ensure you have the right tools for success and this workshop comes with a 3D printer for each participant. The unique and exciting part is each educator has the opportunity to troubleshoot the printer, so they learn how to calibrate, learn fundamentals of 3D Design, and practice printing throughout the whole workshop.


If you missed out on the March 3D printing workshop, don’t worry, we will be hosting another workshop in July. To find out more information, you can visit this page: Summer 2015 3D Printing for Educator Workshops. If you have any questions, you can email us at contact@digitalharbor.org.

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