Congratulations to DHF Youth Grant Recipients!

Amiri Williams

We are very proud of DHF Member Amiri Williams who has led a team of students who have received grant funding from Youth as Resources (YAR) to start 3D Garden, a community garden in front of the DHF Tech Center! 3D Garden youth will recycle biodegradable plastic from 3D printer filament into compost for their garden.

The 3D Garden team went through a rigorous grant application process in order to secure funding for their project. They completed a YAR grant application and provided a budget and timeline of how they would use the funding. All three youth also made a presentation to the YAR board, which is a grant board made up entirely of Baltimore-area students.

Amiri, the leader of the 3D Garden group, got the idea for the garden because of his passion for 3D Printing and concern for the environment. Most plastic filament from 3D printing is biodegradable, but is often thrown away and not recycled. Amiri wanted to start 3D Garden to start a movement to encourage community members to recycle filament, and build awareness for composting and recycling in the local Federal Hill community.

Their garden is expected to be completed this summer, and we will keep you posted with progress and updates! Once the garden is up and running, you can also drop off 3D filament to be composted for the garden.

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