TinkerTour in Baltimore



We were honored and excited to be chosen as one of the stops along Tinkercad‘s TinkerTour in September! A few months back, we came across a tweet from Tinkercad stating that they were looking for places between DC and New York to visit as part of their East Coast tour leading up to Maker Faire. We rallied an impromptu, late-night Twitter campaign to Tinkercad so they might consider making Baltimore one of their stops along the tour (if you helped us, thank you!) and it worked!


We are avid users of Tinkercad in our after school programs, Maker Camp, and educator workshops so we were thrilled that they selected us and we were getting the chance to host them at DHF for an Advanced Tinkercad Workshop. On September 22nd Andy Taylor, Community Manager for Tinkercad, joined 32 youth, educators, and DHF staff at the Tech Center to teach us how to design a flashlight using some advanced features in Tinkercad. Andy shared some of the iterations of his flashlight design and then guided us through creating our own flashlights. We used calipers to measure the LEDs we were using to get precise measurements for our casing, learned about boolean operations to combine shapes to build our structures, and used multiple workplanes in Tinkercad to aid in correct placement and precision design. I think the tip we were most excited about was the keyboard shortcuts Andy shared with us to make our work in Tinkercad more effective and seamless.


It was an awesome evening and we are grateful to have been included in the TinkerTour! Thank you to Tinkercad, Andy, workshop participants, and everyone who sent a tweet to get their attention!

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