Family Make Night Recap: 3D Printed Cookie Cutters



Our featured activity for November’s Family Make Night was 3D Printed Cookie Cutters. This is always one of our more popular activities, and is a nice treat for our staff since this was the very first Family Make Night we ever hosted! Every year it feels like a milestone – and this year was no different!


For this project, families worked together to create custom cookie cutters using Cookie Caster which were then 3D printed. Each of our families was able to create multiple unique cookie cutters for use in their holiday baking or gift-giving! It is always a lot of fun to see the variety in objects and to see the excitement when families come back the next day to pick up their finished prints.


In years past, we have struggled to keep up with the printing demands, sometimes dragging printing out over the course of multiple days, but we were ready this year! And so was our printing queue! We had 45 people in attendance who created a total of 66 individual cookie cutters that took 2,493 minutes to print on 17 3D printers – wow! The first year we hosted this event, we only had 4 printers!


This is one of our favorite Family Make Night activities and definitely a highlight of our year. This year we were really proud to offer this event as part of the Maryland STEM Festival.


We would also like to give a special thanks to MECU, Baltimore’s Credit Union and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts for helping to make this event possible.

MECU-small   BOPA

You can see more photos from the event by visiting our Flickr page: Family Make Night – November 2015


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