Meet Mary Reisenwitz, Mid-High Program Specialist



Mary was born and raised in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and moved to Baltimore in 2011 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art.  She studied painting at MICA, but became more interested in digital media and fabrication during her junior and senior years there.  Right now, her studio practice involves generating moiré patterns digitally and plotting them with ballpoint pens and vinyl cutters.  She also works collaboratively to develop toys and puzzles for education.  In addition to working at DHF, she manages the MCS (Make Cool Stuff) lab at MICA.




Favorite thing about working at DHF (so far):

Honestly, I have really enjoyed working directly with the kids at DHF.  They have an energy and curiosity that is highly contagious.  It has been especially exciting to see them develop projects that utilize 3D printing and the Makey Makeys.  My background involves a lot of 3D printing, but I’ve usually been bound to tight constraints through work or school.  Here, the students are given a lot of creative license and they have really pushed the boundaries in my own mind about what can be done with a simple set up.  At the same time, it’s been really rewarding for me to learn alongside the students, as has been the case with the Makey Makeys.  I don’t have as much experience with electronics, so I had some anxiety about assisting in teaching this unit initially.  Ultimately, I found the setup really intuitive to use, but seeing the kids bring their ideas to life taught me so much more than I could have learned on my own.




What I’m looking forward to working on/doing at DHF:

I am incredibly excited to continue working with the Makerettes. All of the girls I’ve worked with in Maker Foundations are incredibly smart and equally motivated.  One of my goals is to direct that energy towards additional projects that excite them that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to work on in the program.  This might mean using technology outside the boundaries of Maker Foundations, such as the vinyl or laser cutters.  It could also mean working collaboratively for longer periods of time on more advanced projects together.  In the past, the Makerettes have worked on projects that stay at DHF and enhance the visual environment; I want to continue that tradition as well.  Most of all, I want to get to know the girls at DHF a little better and do what I can to create a welcoming space for the girls to make within and keep coming back to.


We are very excited to have Mary as part of our team here at DHF as a Program Specialist! She brings enthusiasm and a variety of skills she is anxious to apply to our Makerettes program, which is awesome! We look forward to working more with Mary and seeing her impact grow here at DHF.

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