DoodleFab at Northumberland Christian School


As an educator, I am always excited about the potential of crossing over subject material. 3D Printing has become the universal connector for me. How can I connect 3D printing with science? Math? Geography?

Lately my students have been enjoying turning their art into 3D objects. Thanks to DHF’s (Shawn’s) creation of DoodleFab, we are taking our 2D doodles, drawings, and sketches into the 3D environment. Two of my senior students love art (the art room their second home). When they approached me about turning their classroom doodles into 3D objects, I jumped at the opportunity.

Kyli had sketched a fox running through the forest on an index card with her pencil during class. (I am pretty sure she was still paying attention).


Then, her best friend Gabby wanted to do the same. She also used an index card to create a drawing of a deer skull adorned with a flower-like pattern. Gabby then created an a 3D replica of her drawing with Doodlefab.

IMG_3293        deer

Both girls are using their objects on their quilt blocks for our 3D printed school quilt project. An update on our school quilt project will be coming in the near future.

(Awesome Doodlefab idea…3D Print famous art pieces for the visually impaired. Feeling Van Gogh’s Starry Night?)


Ian Snyder is a science teacher and 3D printing coach at Northumberland Christian School. He also runs a makerspace at The Refuge. Ian is one of our 2015 Perpetual Innovation Fund recipients and will be sharing more updates throughout the year. You can follow him on Twitter @ateachr or catch some shots on Instagram at mriansnyder. Read more from Ian…

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