Laying My Spatula to Rest


No this post is not about anger issues in the kitchen. This post is about saying goodbye to a dear friend. My favorite spatula is soon to be replaced by a new product.


I am happy to be trying out the flexible build plates from PrintinZ. The plates are called Zebra Plates and they boast the ability to clip to your current build surface and then be easily removed to get your item off. The plate can be flexed in opposing directions allowing the print to pop off the surface. It sounded so good. I had to try it. I sent an email out and got a quick response from owner Wayne Hutmaker, who then sent me a plate for my Printrbot Simple.


The plate lays over your existing bed. Then you use binder clips to hold it in place. You can see on the right side that I removed the handles from the clip so they do not hit when the bed moves.

My print came out nice and clean. This was a print for our upcoming post on our 3D Printed School Quilt.


Watch this video of one of our Northumberland senior, Hugh Hayner, get the print from the flexible plate:

Ian Snyder is a science teacher and 3D printing coach at Northumberland Christian School. He also runs a makerspace at The Refuge. Ian is one of our 2015 Perpetual Innovation Fund recipients and will be sharing more updates throughout the year. You can follow him on Twitter @ateachr or catch some shots on Instagram at mriansnyder. Read more from Ian…

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