Announcing the Innovation Access Program

Digital Harbor Foundation is a leader in educational technology training for youth and educators. Through the Innovation Access Program, we we would like to expand access to innovative technology, resources and training to an increasing number of educators.

Announced in the White House’s New Commitments in Support of the President’s
Nation of Makers Initiative to Kick Off 2016 National Week of Making
and in partnership with Printrbot, MatterHackers, and BuildTak, we would like to expand access to our educator programs by announcing our commitment to provide a free 3D printer and accompanying multi-day training to one educator from every state.

Our technology workshops help educators, in both formal and informal settings, learn what they need to know to comfortably control (and troubleshoot) a 3D printer and incorporate iterative practice, 3D design, and 3D printing into their own curriculum. And with the help of this program, our hope is to increase access to other educators on 3D printing.

For details on what is covered in the workshop, please see this page and when you are ready, head over to complete the application.

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What others say about our 3D Printing Workshop:

The staff were super friendly and so enthusiastic. In 23 years of teaching, this is the best Teaching/Professional Development course I have taken. 3D printing and DHF inspire creativity! The time absolutely flew and I couldn’t wait for the next session.


The workshop is great. I really wish I had been able to participate when I first started working with a 3D printer…


The amount of hands on time with the printers was perfect. I really liked the various pathways we explored on generating stl files, especially doodlefab.


I was not super excited about attending this workshop ahead of time as I was not sure how it could relate to my program. I also had envisioned that the 3D printer would be huge and not able to move to the different sites where I have my after school program. I was quickly proven wrong. I learned so much this weekend and am so excited about taking this incredible resource back to my after­school program. I have come up with a whole bunch of lesson plans and am going to start right away. Thanks for a great workshop.


The workshop is exactly what is advertised. It will give educators at all levels understanding technology with the tools to learn 3D printing. It was the right amount of hands on and informative.


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