3D Printing and Life Hacks

I confess that I get caught up from time to time in the world of life hacks. I find myself asking the question, “How can I manipulate or change this product?” I know this goes against the status quo of just consuming what I am fed… But I can’t help it. Chomp Chomp.

Because of my sickness (constantly needing to hack my life), I decided to try and infect (inspire) my students. Their job was to modify/change/hack an existing 3D design. The design I chose for them was the amazing quick shoe tie labled Klots by Kart5a on Thingiverse. All credit and props to their amazing design.


(Photo Credit to Thingiverse and Tino Kaartovuori – Kat5a)

Since I loved the simplicity and bare-bone functionality, I just had to have my students do something with it.

Call it foolishness, but I assigned this in the last three weeks of school. Needless to say, I was frustrated when the students were dropping out of the challenge… #endoftheyear…..A terrible state to find your students in. But just when I was ready to hang it up myself, one of my students came through. Abbey L. (the always faithful and reliable) submitted her hack of Klots, printed it, and assembled her design on her shoes.

Abbey’s changes were to modify the closure to look like interlocking x’s. This was a change from the puzzle piece type closure on the original. She also added some triangle spikes on the outside. This fits well with Abbey’s love for the music scene. She also choose to lace with some vertical laces to break from the typical shoe lace pattern.

You can see her smiling face and design below.

Abby Klots


*On a depressing side note, senior David M was in the middle of a interlocking fish design for the Klots Hack Challenge, but he graduated and faded into the bliss of summer.

Ian Snyder is a science teacher and 3D printing coach at Northumberland Christian School. He also runs a makerspace at The Refuge. Ian is one of our 2015 Perpetual Innovation Fund recipients and will be sharing more updates throughout the year. You can follow him on Twitter @ateachr or catch some shots on Instagram at mriansnyder. Read more from Ian…

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