Girls & Making: Meet Caitlyn

Digital Harbor Foundation is very passionate about having females in our space and involved in what we do. One of our main goals is to increase the number of female program participants and increase retention of girls in our programs. The Girls & Making Series is a way for us to share success stories and the important role that females can play in making and technology projects and careers. To see other posts from this series, click here.


1. Why are you passionate about having female makers in our space?

I am passionate about female makers in our space because like anything, with diversity you get different view points, which means different ideas, in turn when we collaborate we can turn our ideas into better more efficient creations.

2. What is one of your favorite memories as a young female maker?
Growing up My Mom would let me cook/bake my own creations, using anything in the kitchen.  I remember trying my hardest to make cookies, thinking through the ingredients I knew went into cookies and being sure they would be the best cookies ever.  In reality after my mom baked them for me they never tasted that good, but it was my first time I really tried to problem solve and create.  Now, 20 some odd years later I can make some pretty darn good cookies.
3. How can we get more girls interested in making programs?
I’m not sure how we can get more girls interested in making programs other than getting the word out and really emphasizing “Making.” I think as humans we are programed to create.  Everyone has a need to create in some form or fashion, I’ve never met a kid that didn’t have an idea of something they would create whether digitally with a video game or computer or physically but more often what stops them from creating is either they don’t have the supplies needed or the support.  So emphasizing to both boys and especially girls that a program centered around Making will allow them to create.
4. Have you always been interested in making? What made you interested and what was the first project you worked on?
I would say I’ve always been into making but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I starting incorporating tech into my making.  I honestly don’t know what my first project was but I can list off about a million projects as a kid I wish I had the supplies for.  I was the kid that when I could create a project to show my work I would.  In High School the best English teacher I had was Mr. Talley.  He would allow me to create a project for all of my book reports.  I made a paper doll for The Count of Monte Cristo where you could change his outfits to go with each of his disguises.  I also created a leather bond diary and wrote down entrees as if I were Buttercup.  I had quit a few more projects I created but I think why this class made such a profound impact was that my teacher gave me room to create.  I was the the one coming up with ways to prove I read the book, not him.
5. Why do you feel that girls shy away from making?
I would say that if they are girls like me they shy away because they feel it has to do with tech.  I would rather be creating with my hands than sitting at a computer.

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