Girls & Making Series: Meet Claire

Digital Harbor Foundation is very passionate about having females in our space and involved in what we do. One of our main goals is to increase the number of female program participants and increase retention of girls in our programs. The Girls & Making Series is a way for us to share success stories and the important role that females can play in making and technology projects and careers. To see other posts from this series, click here.


“I consider myself a maker because I can take my imagination and turn it into a reality,” Claire told us. Claire has been coming to DHF since last fall when she first joined our all female cohort of Maker Foundations and she says that the past year with us has been “thrilling.”

“I would have never thought that in just a year of being a part of DHF I would be where I am today,” she shared. Since joining us, Claire has been awarded many opportunities. “In my time at DHF, I’ve become the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Information Technology Hackathon prize winner, spoke in front of 600 people at the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland Gala, visited the National Security Agency, met the United States Director of Education, and so much more!,” Claire shared.

Throughout her time with us, Claire has worked on many projects, however the project that she is most proud of is “Drako the Dragonfly.” He has a 3D printed body, laminated wings, and mechanics that are all laser-cut. This is a part of a series that she is working on that is made up of many different bio-mimicry robots. Claire is calling this series “NatureCoders.” Also in this series are Sy the Spider and Lulu the Lightning Bug.

Claire is very passionate about making, especially about girls and making. “I definitely think that more females should get involved! Yes, technology feels like an activity for men, but that is only because society has made it that way,” she said. Claire feels as though girls don’t see the way that they can connect technology to the other subjects that they are interested in, so her goal is to help to bridge the gap between these subjects and show girls that technology can be related to anything they want.

Although she is only 16 years old, Claire has already thought about her career path and what she might want to to. She is hoping to go into a tech related field, but isn’t exactly sure. She loves nature, animals, coding, 3D printing, and laser-cutting and wants to find a way that she can combine all of these things.

If you want to keep up with Claire and her tech journey, you can follow her blog or her Bugs and Code Facebook page.

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