Announcing IAP 3D Printer Recipients

We were overwhelmed by the responses to the Innovation Access Program, and were inspired by the many innovative ideas that you submitted for how you would use the printer with your youth.  We are excited to announce that we will be awarding a PrintrBot Simple 3D Printer and associated training to the 48 educators listed below. Even if you don’t see your name, we would still love to work with you – keep reading at the bottom of the page to find out how we can bring your 3D Printing plans to fruition.

First Last State
Georgia Tompkins Alaska
Danielle LoPresti Arizona
Rachel Galliani California
Heidi Ragsdale Colorado
Crystal Caouette Connecticut
Katelynn Scott Delaware
Kimberlynn  Jurkowski DC
Mary Fish Florida
Misty Nemeth Georgia
Jayson Reynon Hawaii
Kalynda Pearce Idaho
Gretchen Brinza Illinois
Jessica Suri Indiana
Alyssa Calhoun Iowa
Katie Don Carlos Kansas
Jason Hurst Kentucky
Karen Bean Louisiana
Carrie Emerson Maine
Tracy Hodge Maryland
Jenny Kostka Massachusetts
Chance Kemp Michigan
Jennifer Klecatsky Minnesota
Angela Johnson Mississippi
Gary Duncan Missouri
Stephanie DeBiasio Montana
Gwynette Williams Nebraska
Jillian Welch Nevada
Douglas Stith New Hampshire
Holly Rebovich New Jersey
Daniel de Leon New Mexico
Deborah Kravchuk New York
Deborah Dreyer North Carolina
Shannon Blomker North Dakota
Jennifer Haag Ohio
Bobby Reed Oklahoma
Carrie Carden Oregon
Brad Gentile Pennsylvania
Corey Lennon Rhode Island
Susan Merrill South Carolina
Joanna Law Tennessee
Deborah Cuellar Texas
Deborah Draper Utah
Jack Adams Vermont
vonita foster Virginia
Jessie Adkins Washington
Luke Hladek West Virginia
Becky Nutt Wisconsin
Alleta Baltes Wyoming

I’m getting a 3D Printer! What do I do now?

Tell a friend, tell your students, tell the world – and then sit tight. We’ll be getting in touch regarding the dates of our upcoming workshops as well as coordinating if we can run a workshop in your area.

I wasn’t selected 🙁 What now?

We still want to work with you 🙂 ! If you are able to travel to our Tech Center in Baltimore, we’ve got a 3D Printing workshop (printer included) this December! Check scheduled workshops here. If you can’t make it to Baltimore – we can try coming to you! To do a workshop in your area we need a hosting organization in which to run the workshop, a sponsoring organization to help fund it, and at least ten participants. Past hosts & funders have included State Science/STEM Action Centers, specific school districts, local foundations or organizations, and makerspaces. If you think you may know anyone who fits into the three categories listed above, please take a minute to complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you again for your participation! As you continue to make with your youth, feel free to check out the free resources on our Blueprint website, and if you want to receive periodic updates on making with youth, sign up for our Maker Educator Newsletter at Finally, we hope to be able to run this program again in coming years, so keep in touch via any of social media channels displayed on the tool bar on the right side of this page.

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