Family Make Night Projects

Step-By-Step instructions for some of our most popular Family Make Night projects

Zipline Racers

These propeller-powered devices, made of simple materials, are built to explore flight and propulsion as they race through the air.

hand holding an LED wand made out of a Popsicle stick, binder clip, coin cell battery, an LED, and copper tape

LED Wands

Using a popsicle stick and a few basic electronics materials, you will create a light up wand with it’s own switch.

Paper Flashlights

Foam tape inside a folded paper model helps make to a push-button LED circuit, and the result is a simple, pocket-sized light source!

completed straw maze -- straws on chipboard

Straw Mazes

Using easy-to-find household materials, you can design your own mazes – as simple or complex as you’d like them to be!

paper circuit sea monster with lit red LED eyeball

Paper Circuits

Create a drawing that is enhanced with an LED! This is a fun exercise in design and planning as you can base your design around the LED placement.

Stomp Rockets

Make a rocket using our printable template, tape, and markers and prepare for take-off with these high-flying aircrafts!


Using an inexpensive electric toothbrush, a few common craft materials, and your imagination you can make a fun art-making robot.

model showing completed bleach stencil t-shirt

Bleach Stencil T-Shirt

Using vinyl stencils and household bleach, turn a plain, old t-shirt into a fashionable custom shirt!

marker drawing on portable spin art machine

Spin Art Bot

A fun and easy project that uses circuitry and motors to create a simple machine that makes out-of-this-world art!