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These courses are jam-packed with great content and projects and regular attendance will help you get the most from the course. Sessions will occur 2 days a week Mondays + Wednesdays or Tuesdays + Thursdays. Regular attendance is highly encouraged. 


Members in the Independent Study track will submit a Project Planning Form and, if approved, will work independently to achieve project milestones with the guidance of a staff mentor. Independent Study projects can be in one or more of the following skill / topic areas:

  • Coding / Programming (Web, Game) 
  • Design (3D, Graphic)
  • Electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
  • Fabrication (3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Milling)
  • Communication (Digital Media, Podcasting, Movies)

Approved project plans will be those that demonstrate the maker’s ability to consider the project’s importance, to create a realistic timeline, and to anticipate challenges and understand how to troubleshoot them.

Youth must complete and document the project(s) they are pursuing during this course. Youth are expected to maintain a digital portfolio throughout this course and must keep the entries up to date. Photos, videos, and written documentation will all be expected for each project. 

We encourage all members to share their work at the End of Semester Showcase at the end of the program and to document their work in a variety of ways, including an online gallery or portfolio. Participation as an exhibitor at the End of Semester Showcase will help promote your work and help you develop presentation skills. 

Inclement Weather

Digital Harbor Foundation follows the Baltimore City Public Schools weather policy. When BCPSS closes, DHF closes. The same is true for any weather-related early dismissals or delays. If the weather is bad and DHF is open, make sure to use your best judgment about attending. 


We firmly believe that financial capacity should never be a barrier to participation in our youth programs. That’s why we proudly offer all of our youth programs under a Pay-What-You-Can pricing model. The suggest full price of this course is $750.

If you are unable to pay this full price, we invite you to pay the amount that is affordable for your family. We don’t require proof of income and no one is turned away based on their payment amount. Click this link to make any contribution to this program.

Open House

All participating youth and their parents/guardians are encouraged to attend our Open House. During the Open House, families will meet the staff and receive detailed information about the program and accompanying expectations. 

Please plan to attend the following Open House: Wednesday, February 5 – 4:00pm-6:00pm  RSVP     

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