Communications Manager

Position Title: Communications Manager

Position Type: Part or Full-Time

Core Hours: 10am – 6:30pm

Days: Mon – Fri

Position Summary:

The Communications Manager is focused on telling the story of our organization and all our activities. By developing and managing our digital and print marketing strategy including social media, blogging, video content creation, newsletters, mailers, print banners, and other communication media, the Communications Manager will support a range of needs from youth recruitment, donor relations, family and community engagement, and workshop marketing. To achieve these ends, the Communications Manager will lead, manage, and support a team of Youth Communication Specialists who contribute by creating content and managing social media presence in support of organizational communications and marketing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Communications Strategy
    • Developing and updating communications strategy to most effectively communicate our organizational story as well as the individual stories of programs and youth.
    • Developing and managing a social media strategy to engage with online communities and individuals.
    • Establishing and managing an editorial calendar to include newsletters, Slack channel, blog posts, video content, social media, print media, and general content updates across all content touchpoints.
    • Maintaining and refining a media organization system for digital and physical content to ensure accessibility and usefulness for a variety of purposes.
  2. Coordinating  Communications Team
    • Leading a team of Youth Communication Specialists to assist with all of the duties and responsibilities of this role including online and print media,, digital documentation, and communication channels.
    • Developing, coordinating, writing, and editing communications for internal and external audiences.
    • Managing photography and videography needs of the organization as assigned, including, but not limited to organization and community events.
  3. Publishing Authority
    • Managing content publication including review processes as well as regular content quality audits.
    • Populating website and other media platforms with useful and well-­crafted content.
  4. Media Relations
    • Developing a database of media outlets and pitching stories.
    • Representing DHF at community and industry events.
  5. Other duties as assigned.