Expansion Manager

Position Title: Expansion Manager

Position Type: Full-Time

Core Hours: 10am – 6:30pm

Days: Mon – Fri

Position Summary:

The Expansion Manager is responsible for leading work relating to scaling Digital Harbor Foundation’s impact by increasing the reach of DHF’s Center of Excellence for Innovation in Technology Education. Working closely with the Executive Director, the Expansion Manager will lead business development strategy and execution, marketing, and development of strategic partnerships to increase scale. By bringing a high level of prior experience and sales leadership, this Manager will significantly increase the reach of the Digital Harbor Foundation to deliver and exceed the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan and to rise to our potential for significant local, regional, and national impact.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Earned Revenue
    • In partnership with the Executive Director, oversee and execute work focused on expansion opportunities.
    • Create and update product listing, menu of options, and strategic targets for Center of Excellence sales.
    • Develop earned revenue flow, increasing sales and expanding distribution channels.
  2. Marketing
    • Set goals aligned with our strategic plan and communications strategy.
    • Support communications team in managing our digital and print marketing strategy including social media, blogging, video content creation, newsletters, mailers, print banners, and other communication media designed to communicate opportunities relating to Center of Excellence sales.
    • Develop a robust database of influencer relations to increase awareness of work.
    • Update and add to our database of current, previous, and potential customers.
  3. Strategic Partnerships
    • Identify potential partnerships and outline proposed sustainable collaborations
    • Develop new and maintain existing relationships with key partners
    • Document initiatives and create systems to significantly grow impact
  4. Other duties as assigned.

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