Position Title: Program Manager

Position Type: Full-Time

Core Hours: 10am – 6:30pm

Days: Mon – Fri

Position Vision:

The Program Manager is a critical role that has the most direct impact on fulfilling our mission of fostering learning, creativity, productivity, and community through education for all of the youth in our space. This individual serves on the Tech Center leadership team as they work closely with the Tech Center Director, Operations Manager, and Executive Director.

Position Summary:

The Program Manager is responsible for the health and well-being of the youth and program staff within the scope of DHF programs. This position manages the day-to-day operations of youth programs at DHF and the program staff to ensure that they are prepared and supported in the delivery of high-quality youth content and facilitation of Elementary and Middle-High youth programs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Program Operations
    • Ensure that youth are safe and productive while in the space.
    • Develop and maintain strong relationships with youth and parents through active communications including emails, text messages, and phone calls.
    • Ensure the interests and needs of the youth and Program Specialists / Assistants are addressed and communicated to Directors.
    • Ensure that youth programs and events for youth programs are properly staffed.
    • Manage the organization of materials, content, equipment, and space to foster a safe, positive, and productive learning and working environment within DHF.
  2. Program Data and Documentation
    • Ensure Program Specialists have completed daily Youth Management and Tracking documents such as attendance, youth logs, shift updates, etc.
    • Ensure that work is done in the programs are documented via blog posts and/or shared resources.
    • Administer and track the completion of program evaluation components such as surveys, portfolios, etc.
    • Conduct a weekly data audit where you review, correct, and maintain all program attendance, youth participant data, and ensure updates are being made to Youth Management and Tracking documents, and prepare any documents for the coming week.
  3. Program Staff Support
    • Schedule and lead regular meetings with Program Specialists / Assistants to discuss concerns and give and receive feedback with a goal of improving program quality.
    • Conduct regular informal observation of program staff performance and program quality look-fors.         
  4. Youth Recruitment
    • Work closely with the Tech Center Director and Communications and/or Outreach Manager(s) to develop recruitment strategies such as marketing material and/or recruitment events.  
    • Manage the activities & support the success of Program Specialists in recruitment efforts for youth programs and events including, but not limited to: scheduling of site visits & presentations, communication strategies, etc.
  5. Other
    • Participate in professional events and conferences to highlight yourself and DHF as a leader in the EdTech, OST, and Maker fields.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Program Manager Application

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