Tech Center Operations Manager

Position Title: Tech Center Operations Manager

Part or Full-Time

Core Hours: 10am – 6:30pm

Days: Mon – Fri


Position Summary:

The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing day to day Tech Center operations and ensuring continuity of youth and educator services in the space by maintaining staff and space needs. It is also the responsibility of the Operations Manager to provide program support. The Operations Manager works closely with the Tech Center Director to maintain the health of the organization.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Physical Facilities, Maintenance, and Safety
    • Opening or coordinate opening of the Tech Center daily.
    • Maintain the opening and closing of the space due to holidays and/or weather-related conditions and communicate this to all staff.
    • Ensure the safety of those in the building by being aware of everyone who enters the building and greeting visitors, making sure the First Aid Kits are continually stocked with necessary supplies, etc.
    • Ensure building is up to code for permits renewal. Leading, scheduling, and overseeing any projects required to maintain our permits, including renewing annual fire and health permits.
    • Coordinate space services, maintenance, water delivery, etc.
  2. Preparation, Food Services, and Cleaning
    • Complete weekly prep tasks for programs.
    • Manage the after-school and summer food service for youth programs, including submitting all paperwork, attending trainings, and scheduling staff and/or parent volunteers to provide this service.
    • Coordinate water delivery and food services for regular programs and events.
    • Responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness, and functions of the kitchen area.
    • Equipment Management
    • Track equipment management, including paperwork, and ensure equipment is safely returned.
  3. Youth Enrollment and Youth Data
    • Manage youth enrollment during course registration and throughout programs and manage and maintain all required youth management documents.
    • Maintain DHF’s youth database and accompanying documents to have the most up to date information.
    • Support the Tech Center Director with any program registration and programs needs.
    • Manage youth paperwork, such as youth participant forms, incident reports, outgoing field trip permission slips, etc.
    • Collect and track data from the Tech Center and other offsite pop-up events run by the Tech Center. Maintain the Event Log annually.
    • Function as a Site Supervisor in special programs, such as summer employment program YouthWorks, by attending any required trainings, managing youth time sheets, and assisting in necessary logistics.  
  4. Office Duties
    • Manage office needs, such as answering phones, admin paperwork, stocking supplies, and other miscellaneous administration duties.
  5. Other duties as assigned.