Adena Moulton

Development Manager

My Why: Equality, change, empowerment

andrew coy staff photo

Andrew Coy

Executive Director

My Why: Big problems, inequity, opportunity

Ashley Clancy

Elementary Program Manager

My Why: Exposure, challenge, exploration

Darius McCoy

Youth Employment Program Manager

My Why: Engage, learn, succeed

Jonathan Prozzi

Director of Learning Design

My Why: Uplift, inspire, empower

Mary Reisenwitz

Special Projects Manager

My Why: Consciousness, creativity, play

Nicole Nistico

Operations Manager

My Why: Making a difference, meaning, empowerment

nilam sari staff photo

Nilam Sari

Program Specialist

My Why: Curiousity, knowledge, play

pierce henderson staff photo

Pierce Henderson

Program Specialist

My Why: Learn, communicate, play

Rhea Ramakrishnan

Mid-High Program Manager

My Why: Community, dynamic, play

roscoe lachey staff photo

Roscoe Lachey

Program Specialist

My Why: Joy, equity, nurturing, and access

Ruby Grimes

Brain Break Specialist

My Why: Arff, bark, woof

sam grossman staff photo

Sam Grossman

Program Specialist

My Why: Safety, confidence, grown-up

Shawn Grimes

Director of Operations

My Why: Change, impact, better future

Steph Grimes

Director of Programs

My Why: Youth empowerment, joy, change

Talia Amjad

Tech Specialist

My Why: Chances, choices, and challenges