Adena Moulton

Development Manager

“I love DHF because this is a place where everyone–youth and staff alike–gets excited about learning.”

Andy O’Neill

Workshop Specialist

“Joining DHF has been a life changing decision. Each day I am challenged and learn something new.”

Ashley Clancy

Elementary Program Coordinator

“When work feels like home, coworkers feel like family and your job has meaning; you’re in the right place.”

Brooke Savage

Educator Liaison

“In my role at DHF, I help hard working, passionate, and hopeful educators achieve their dreams in preparing youth for the unknown future. That is the best and most important work that I am honored to do.”

Darius McCoy

3D Printing Manager

“I started out here as a youth and now I work here. Working here is both challenging and fun at the same time; I get to learn a lot of cool things that I would’ve never thought of before.”

Dishon Hall

Program Specialist

“Through DHF I’ve found myself constantly challenged, educated, and inspired by both my peers and the youth we serve. Even as an instructor, I’ve been afforded to privilege to remain a life long learner.”

Jonathan Prozzi

Director of Education, Center of Excellence

“I’m passionate about empowering learners of all ages, whether youth or educators. Building new and accessible pathways to knowledge is crucial for future success!”

Liz Boren

Program Specialist

“My time at DHF has showed me that I am as much a student as I am a teacher. I’ve found a passion in this environment of shared knowledge and I hope to keep facilitating open source learning wherever life takes me.”

Mary Reisenweitz

Mid-High Program Coordinator

“The community at DHF is a seemingly endless source of knowledge and curiosity. With the youth, my work feels like play because there are always hands to lend and minds to expand.”

Nicole Nistico

Operations Manager

“‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ – Steve Jobs; and I happen to love what I do! Being a part of a passionate staff/organization that educates, inspires, and empowers youth is by far the best work I have ever done.”

Rhea Ramakrishnan

Program Specialist

“DHF is an exceptional community of inquisitive youth and staff. Because of the agency youth are given in the space and the amount of talent they bring to the table, I often feel more like a collaborator in their endeavors than a traditional instructor.”

Ruby Grimes

Brain Break Specialist

“Hi all! My favorite part about being a service dog is the service part and the dog part. I love spending my days around such amazing youth and staff, and working on sending out emails in my spare time.”

Shawn Grimes

Executive Director

“I’m doing some of the best and most meaningful work of my life at DHF. The staff, youth, and educators that I get to work with inspire me to do my best everyday.”

Steph Grimes

Director of Education, Tech Center

“DHF has allowed me to create expanding access and opportunities to maker and technology education for youth. I care deeply about the work we do and the people we work with.”


Talia Amjad

Tech Specialist

“Being here at DHF has taught me over and over that it’s okay to fail, that failing is success if you learn from it, and I love it! Because in order to change you need to learn, and knowing this I am very happy to say that my work here at DHF isn’t just work, its an effort to make our world a better place.”