Photo of Adam Bouhmad

Adam Bouhmad

Assistant Director of Technology

My Why:

Adena Moulton

Development Manager

My Why: Equality, change, empowerment

andrew coy staff photo

Andrew Coy

Executive Director

My Why: Big problems, inequity, opportunity

Photo of Chappell Isom

Chappell Isom

Community Outreach Specialist

My Why: Openness, Affinity, Exploration

Christofer Nelson

Board Secretary

Darius McCoy

Tech Center Director

My Why: Engage, learn, succeed

david stone board photo

David Stone

Board Member

Frank Bonsal III

Acting Board Chair

Jonathan Prozzi

Director of Learning Design

My Why: Uplift, inspire, empower

Mary Reisenwitz

Special Projects Manager

My Why: Consciousness, creativity, play

mckeever conwell board photo

McKeever Conwell

Board Member

mike hinkey board photo

Mike Hinkey

Acting Board Treasurer

roscoe lachey staff photo

Roscoe Lachey

Program Specialist

My Why: Joy, equity, nurturing, and access

Tenille Patterson

Board Member

winston philip board photo

Winston Philip

Board Member