Could IoT Have Saved My Plant?


My poor, withered plant. It deserved better. I bought the plant to show off my cool self-watering 3D printed pot but the thing about self-watering pots is that you still need to add water on occasion. As I have been delving into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the first applications that I thought of was a plant health station.

The very simple system that I built monitors ambient temperature, light levels, humidity, and moisture levels of the soil. Where the “Internet” piece of IoT comes in to play is that all of this data is uploaded to a service (you can see my data here:

I can then use a service such as IFTTT and the Maker channel to send a text message or email me when the moisture levels are low.

I’m also able to chart the data and analyze it Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers.

I can even analyze that data and see trends. So you can see the moisture trend line is declining (as it should with an indoor plant).

I’m hoping that my simple plant health system will spare future plants from the same fate and that by connecting a plant to the Internet, I may be able to better keep one healthy.

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