Maker Foundations Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 cohort of Maker Foundations is now in full-swing!

This newest group of 54 youth have persevered through the winter weather disruption and have begun to create amazing things! The Mega Lab is continually buzzing with excitement as the Maker Foundations youth are eagerly learning new technology skills.

As an introductory Maker activity, the group was tasked with creating “a robot that draws.” No additional information was provided other than the limitation of one electric toothbrush and the option to use only up to four markers. Programming staff decided to not show any pictures of previously completed Artbots because we wanted to see what the youth would create. The incredible creativity of the youth was demonstrated through the range and variety of design. Everyone enjoyed putting their creations to the test, and the cohort began to share their ideas and designs with each other.


The youth also were eager to learn about Internet credibility through participation in a fact-finding activity called “Release the Kraken” where they evaluated the reliability of online sources to determine whether or not the Kraken is real, imaginary, or somewhere in the middle. This activity spurred a great group discussion about online credibility where the youth had to defend their claims based on their sources.

Makers at Work

This cohort is particularly interested in sharing their ideas and processes. At the start of Maker Foundations, we ask each youth to write their thoughts about what they think being a Maker is, and then put their post-its on our decorated Maker whiteboard. Everyone was excited to write down their answers, and many of the youth included their names so that their peers could see their responses.

Makers Working 2

At this point, the youth have been working through the Graphic Design and Game Development modules, using their mini-projects for the Graphic Design lesson as assets for use in Game Development. This integration of content is exciting to witness, as the youth are already working toward a larger goal by creating characters, logos, and backgrounds for their games.

The youth are beginning the 3D Printing lesson in the next week and there is already lots of buzz and discussion about what they’ll create! This is always a popular module with the new youth, and this cohort is demonstrating the same eager anticipation.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what the Spring 2015 Maker Foundations youth will create in the upcoming months!