Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Last Mile Education Fund

Last Mile Education Fund takes an investment approach to scholarship making, identifying young people with aspirations in technology and engineering fields and providing support for challenges they face. for more information, visit:

Maker Therapy

Maker Therapy designs patient-centric innovation spaces in pediatric settings (such as dedicated makerspace or makerspace on a cart in a hospital)

Project Waves

Project Waves is a Community Internet Service Provider focused on providing Internet access to all regardless of ability to pay.

Artist Rescue Trust

A philanthropically funded program to provide financial relief to Professional Artists and Creatives affected by COVID-19. for more information, visit:

Youth Jobs Connect

Youth Jobs Connect works to bridge the economical gaps leaving youth more vulnerable, with fewer entry points into the workforce.

Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition

The Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC) will work collaboratively to close the digital divide by increasing access to devices, increasing greater internet connectivity, increasing digital skills training and technical support, and advocacy. for more information, visit