The Innovation Access Program was launched with the purpose of increasing access to innovative technology, resources, and trainings for educators, in both formal and informal settings. In partnership with Printrbot, MatterHackers, and BuildTak, we would like to announce our commitment to provide a free 3D printer and accompanying multi-day training to one educator from every state.

Our technology workshops help educators, in both formal and informal settings, learn what they need to know to comfortably control (and troubleshoot) a 3D printer and incorporate iterative practice, 3D design, and 3D printing into their own curriculum. And with the help of this program, our hope is to increase access to other educators on 3D printing.

For details on what is covered in the workshop, please see this page and when you are ready, complete the application below.


Applications Due – October 1, 2016
Winners Notified by – October 15, 2016
Execute Workshops by – December 31, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Educators will apply to receive a 3D printer and accompanying training. Digital Harbor Foundation will select a single “winner” (educator) from each state. These winners will receive a list of DHF workshop dates that will be held in Baltimore and will be able to register for their workshop. If none of the dates provided work for you, please contact DHF.

What is included in the 3D Printing Starter Kit?
A Printrbot Simple Metal (assembled)
1 Roll of Filament
1 sheet of BuildTak
3D Printer Toolkit

Can I receive the 3D printer without the training?
No. 3D Printing is challenging to get started and we have found that in most cases, if you just a get a 3D printer, you may be frustrated by the experience of getting started and never experience the full potential of the tool. In a lot of our travels to visit educators, we see 3D printers collecting dust because no one was trained on how to use them and troubleshoot them. We want to make sure that the educators selected for this program are setup for success.

What is DHF?
The Digital Harbor Foundation is dedicated to fostering learning, creativity, productivity, and community through education. In 2013 we transformed a closed-down rec center in Baltimore City into a vibrant Tech Center for youth. In 2014 we launched the Center of Excellence to train others how to incorporate making into their own learning environments. You can learn more here.