Homeschool Day Program

Our Homeschool Day Program is a daytime program designed especially for youth ages 6-14 who are homeschooled. Youth will explore a variety of topics through hands-on technology and making projects. Our programs support opportunities for youth ownership over their learning and projects through our leading-edge technology-based curriculum.  

  • All required materials and consumables are provided.
  • A syllabus will be provided to each family.
  • Youth projects will be well-documented through photos, maker journals, and facilitator observation.
  • A space for siblings to wait during the program can be provided if there is a parent volunteer.

General Program Information

  • Program Schedule:
    • Elementary: One 3-hour session per week on Wednesday for 7 weeks
    • Middle School: Two 3-hour sessions per week on Monday/Wednesday for 14 weeks
    • 10:00 am-1:00 pm
      • Doors open at 9:45 am
      • Pickup is promptly at 1:00 pm

Pay What You Can

We firmly believe that financial capacity should never be a barrier to participation in our youth programs. That’s why we proudly offer all of our youth programs under a Pay-What-You-Can pricing model.

There is a real cost for creating and facilitating our programs. If you are unable to pay this full price, we invite you to pay the amount that is affordable for your family. We don’t require proof of income and no one is turned away based on their payment amount.

Click this link to learn more about our Pay-What-You-Can model.

Elementary Homeschool Program

Digital Harbor Foundation’s Elementary Homeschool program is focused on introducing young makers to the exciting intersection of art, technology, and making. This program allows youth to explore, build, learn, solve, and most importantly, grow as a maker.

MOVIE MAKERS Come learn to tell and make amazing digital stories using a variety of tools including stop-motion animation, film editing, sound effects creation, green-screen technology, character development, and more!

WEBSITE WIZARDS In this course, youth will learn how to program and design their very own website – everything from creating URLs for pictures to picking out fonts that give their website character. This is a beginners course for website development focused on giving youth an opportunity to become familiar with terminology when programming and knowledge of what it takes to create a website. 

Middle School Homeschool Program

These courses are open to our youth in middle school program who are interested in advanced courses in fabrication, computer science, electronics, and more. This program allows youth to explore, build, learn, solve, and most importantly, grow as a maker.

MAKER FOUNDATIONS an introductory course for youth. Enjoy learning new skills and creating projects as an exploration of popular maker topics. In this program you will design and 3D print your own creations, learn to program games and make your own game artwork, make a website, create interactive electronics, and much more! No prior experience necessary!

FAB CORE an introduction to digital fabrication methods and design for fabrication. This course is focused on precision 3D design and printing including hands-on experience with 3D printers. In addition, there will be a focus on 2D design for fabrication using Inkscape and hands-on experience with vinyl cutters for paper and decal design. This course is open to youth who already participated in our Maker Foundations course. Youth who haven’t taken the Maker Foundations course but wish to participate in Fab Core would be reviewed on a case by case basis if they have prior digital fabrication experience.