Many aspects of life are just starting to return to “normal,” but many things will be different about the way we run Maker Camp.

We know that you and your children may have questions about how DHF will operate. We hope this guide can answer as many of your questions as possible. Should you have any additional questions/concerns, please reach out to us:

What is DHF doing to keep my child safe this fall?

  • DHF is implementing a range of COVID safety protocol measures this fall. They include:
    • Social distancing of youth participants and staff with limited building capacity
    • Mandated mask use for youth participants and staff (except while eating)
    • Socially distanced meal time
    • Limited occupancy in bathrooms and cafe
    • Socially distanced drop off and pick up
    • Daily temperature checks and COVID questionnaire for youth participants, staff, and visitors
    • Check-in logs for entrants to facilitate contact tracing
    • Limits to public access including restroom use
    • Assigned laptops, kits, and materials for all youth participants
    • Clearly separated clean and dirty consumables for program activities (materials, supplies, etc.)
    • HIPAA compliant storage and non-disclosure of medical information for youth, staff, and visitors

How is DHF keeping the Tech Center clean?

  • DHF staff will conduct sanitization of high traffic surfaces (doors and door handles, work stations, etc.) at regular intervals throughout the program day. Additionally, DHF has contracted janitorial and sanitization services daily after programs conclude.
  • DHF staff will also assist youth in sanitizing tables and hands before and after meal time.
  • Because we have few windows and doors in the program area, DHF has purchased and installed air purifiers in the Megalab (main program area), bathrooms, cafe, and office.

Are DHF staff vaccinated?

  • DHF cannot disclose the vaccination status of staff because this is considered medical information and protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • We can assure parents DHF as a whole is taking as many safety precautions as possible to keep youth participants and staff safe during programs.

What should my child bring with them?

  • All youth participants are encouraged to bring a mask with them. Even better if they can bring a spare!
  • If they forget their mask or something happens to it during the day, DHF has a supply of surgical masks that can be worn for the remainder of the day. If youth want to bring their own water bottle and/or lunch, they are more than welcome to do so. DHF can provide both lunch and disposable cups upon request.
  • Our HVAC system is connected to the school and sometimes our air conditioning can run cold. Some youth find it helpful to bring a sweater/sweatshirt with them even if the outside weather is hot.

What supplies will be available to my child?

  • DHF has extra PPE (masks, gloves) upon request. Youth are encouraged to bring their own when possible to maintain our supply.
  • Water coolers are on site.
  • All youth will get access to assigned laptops, electronics kits, and supplies for use during the program. All additional consumable materials (paint, markers, tape, etc.) will be managed by DHF to ensure that youth receive clean supplies and can sanitize those that have been handled to redistribute.

What will DHF do in the event of exposure or COVID positivity?

  • DHF strives to be transparent with families about any potential risk of exposure during programs. Additionally, despite taking many steps to ensure that youth and staff are safe during programs, we may choose to cancel programs on short notice if we feel the conditions are in any way unsafe.
  • In the event that a youth participant, staff member, or extended visitor with youth contact tests positive for COVID during a camp session, DHF will immediately cancel the remainder of the session. The next camp session may proceed as scheduled barring any additional outbreaks.
  • If a youth participant or staff member’s household member tests positive for COVID, we will keep programs open, but communicate immediately to all families. We will also ask any potentially exposed individuals to quarantine until they receive a negative test and communicate any updates to staff in a timely manner.
  • If a youth participant or staff member displays COVID symptoms while on-site, DHF staff will isolate this individual and assist them in exiting the premises. In this scenario, DHF staff will communicate this potential risk right away to families. We will operate with a flexible pick up window should parents wish to pick their child up early. Additionally, DHF staff will keep parents informed of any updates regarding exposure or decisions to cancel camps because of new information.

What should I expect when I drop off my child at DHF?

  • DHF staff will be stationed at Tech Center doors to facilitate check-in procedures daily. (social distance line)
  • Parents/guardians must complete a COVID Screening Questionnaire daily for their child to participate in programs. This form can be completed in advance on a desktop or mobile device at You may also fill out a physical form or verbally complete the form with assistance from DHF staff upon arrival.
  • DHF staff will also conduct temperature screenings for youth participants. Should a youth participant’s temperature read at or above 100.4 after two readings, they will not be allowed to enter and participate in the program that day.
  • Parents must also sign children in daily on a physical form we will use for attendance and contact tracing. In addition to youth information, this form will ask for contact info for parents/guardians so we can conduct robust contact tracing as needed.
  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed to enter the Tech Center or use restroom facilities.
  • Generally, parents/guardians should anticipate the check-in process taking longer than previous years. We hope that it should not take any individual longer than 15 minutes after arrival, but this may necessitate finding parking and making necessary arrangements. Please see our Parking Guide and reach out if you additional accommodations.

What should I expect when I pick up my child from DHF?

  • DHF staff will be stationed at the Tech Center doors to facilitate pick up procedures daily.
  • When you arrive, you will identify yourself and tell a DHF staff member which child you are here to pick up. DHF staff will verify you on our pick up list and radio in to a staff member send your child outside.
  • Parents/guardians will need to sign out children daily on a physical form that we will use for attendance and contact tracing. In addition to youth information, this form will ask for contact info for parents/guardians so we can conduct robust contact tracing as needed.