Youth Communication Specialist

Position Title: Youth Communication Specialist

Position Type: Part-Time

Core Hours: 4pm – 6pm

Days: Mon – Fri

Position Summary:

Communication Specialists are focused on creating content to help tell the story of our organization and all our activities. Duties will include supporting communication activities related to social media, blogging, video content, newsletters, mailers, print banners, and other communication media. Youth Communication Specialists will report to the Communications Manager and actively contribute to content focused on organizational needs such as youth recruitment, donor relations, family and community engagement, and marketing related to initiatives such as educator workshops, and Print or Web Shop.

Qualifications: Must have completed at least Maker Foundations course at the DHF Tech Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Communications Team
    • Working on a team with other Youth Communication Specialists to assist with all of the duties and responsibilities of this role including online and print media, digital documentation, and communication channels.
    • Developing, coordinating, writing, and editing communications for internal and external audiences.
  2. Digital Documentation
    • Capture content in both video, still photography, and other mediums as beneficial
    • Organize, tag, caption, and processes digital content for archival and retrieval purposes.
  3. Content Creation
    • Create a variety of media content such as video, animated, illustrated, collage, mixed-media, written, and/or audio.
    • Contribute content on editorial schedule for review and distribution
  4. Media Relations
    • Representing DHF at community and industry events.
  5. Other duties as assigned.

Youth Communication Specialist